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New Design and Layout
Written by Bout Time Software
Created / Updated on Wednesday 25th of May 2016

We've been so busy that it has been a while since our last news article and it's also been a while since we last updated our own website. That always seems to be the case and of course it should be as the customers come first, but now we're working on adding all the new ideas, design features and new applications to our own website so you can see them in action.

Our new design is more adaptive for viewing on small screen (low resolution) devices and due to our optimization and efficiency it should use less bandwidth and less requests than ever before. All the adaptive components are pure CSS, so no javascript, jQuery or other heavy runtimes. CSS (Content Style Sheet) is the way to go as it allows a single website to be displayed on modern web browsers and scale according to the devices (or browsers) available resolution. The adaptive design operates in realtime, so if you switch from portrait to landscape of your device the website will adapt immediately and not require any content to be reloaded or the page to be refreshed. So it will consume no additional bandwidth (or mobile data).

This approach means that our own website probably won't 100% validate on a specific mobile site checker (such as W3C) because we have not made the website specific for mobiles because they constitute such a small percentage of visitors (currently less than half a percent of our visitors are using an iphone, less than half a percent are using ipad and less than 2% are using android devices), but it will still validate as proper HTML 4.01 and CSS 3 and should now display much better on mobiles for those visitors choosing to use them. There seems to be a major push to make everything mobile friendly, but the reality is (using statistics on all the visitors) that this is unfounded. The majority of visitors are using windows based desktop devices. So as much as the mobile users wish to consider themselves the majority (as you do see everyone on their mobile devices constantly), the reality is much different. They are probably all just updating their facebook page, or being twits.

We still have not updated all our applications to this new adaptive layout, so a few may still have slight display issues on very low resolution devices (like mobiles), but the majority of the content should display fine.

During the time since our last news post, we have been developing heaps of new applications and enhancing the existing ones by adding many new features and options. Our CMS administration layout has been totally redesigned to be more adaptive too and there's many new tools and icons available to help perform tasks much more efficiently.

So if you are looking for a website design that sets you apart from your competition, then why not contact us for a quote. Let us know what you need and we'll make it happen.

BTS adaptive layout example


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