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News Article More Management Features now available with our Applications

More Management Features now available with our Applications
Written by Bout Time Software
Created / Updated on Tuesday 30th of September 2014
Improved Management Options for Content It's important to have applications that allow you to function as efficiently as possible when it comes to time management and the fastest way to achieve that is to ensure content only needs to be updated once, even if that same content is displayed on numerous pages.

We're always looking for ways to improve how you manage your content for your pages and now our Administration application allows you to display content from other pages on any ot .....
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News Manager Updated
Written by Bout Time Software
Created / Updated on Monday 5th of May 2014
Latest updates to our News Manager. We've been working to change the layout slightly and to make it a bit more flexible with displaying any associated photos and files, plus expanding the Article Options features:

New Layout for Article Options.
The article options box was always displayed on the screen and took up space that would normally display the articles. Now that the standard computer has a much wider screen we've made the articles option section float on the page and .....
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New Application Available - Manage your Own Email Accounts
Written by Bout Time Software
Created / Updated on Friday 25th of April 2014
The Joys and Pitfalls of Email Clients? One of the major issues that many of our customers run into is how to manage email?

You see the issue isn't just about checking for mail, many business's constantly upgrade computers and operating systems on a regular basis. This in tern leads to technical issues about having to install a mail client on that new computer (or OS) and then configure it with the email account details. That becomes a problem as people forget their password, don't .....
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News Article Product Manager - DL Brochures

Product Manager - DL Brochures
Written by Bout Time Software
Created / Updated on Thursday 13th of February 2014
Auto Generation of DL Brochures There maybe times that you wish to generate DL size brochures to promote your products. A DL Brochure is an A4 page folded twice. This gives the ability to have 3 columns per side of the page. This size fits nicely into the counter top brochure holders.

This new feature is an extension of our Product Manager. Utilizing it this way you simply select how many products you wish to display per column and if you wish to display picture and description. .....
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