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Polling Questions

Welcome to Our Polling Questions, where you can vote. To use our Poll, simply place your cursor on the line of your preference and click. The background will change to red to indicate your choice and then click on VOTE NOW to cast your vote. You will only be able to vote once for each Poll.

To the right of the page is a list of all available Polls (that are still open and accepting Votes), plus a list of any Polls that have closed, so you will be able to view the results of those only.

#1) What Operating System do you prefer?
Everyone likes to say they have the latest software, but that doesn't always mean it's the best, easiest to use or the most efficient one for your computer. Which one did you actually Like using?
01] OS/2 Warp
02] Windows 98
03] Windows ME
04] Windows Vista
05] Windows XP
06] Windows 7 (32bit)
07] Windows 7 (64bit)
08] Windows 8
09] Anything But Microsoft Windows
10] Windows 10

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