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Sell Exclusive Website

Created in : Aug of 2010     Current Online Status : Now Offline     Website Link : Not Available

The Company Profile

Sell Exclusive is a real estate company located on Bribie Island that handles all types of property management for Bribie Island and parts of South East Queensland.

2013 Real have now provided Sell Exclusive website hosting services as part of their account, so they have no need for an independent website.

The Brief

This website design was provided by the customer, so we just had to develop the website to match their sample.

They chose a fixed width layout and provided all the photos.

The Design Details

The Property Manager was designed specifically for them to ensure the utmost efficiency in adding or editing a property. It supports all the required details about the property and can also manage numerous other aspects, such as rental / lease / sold / under contract etc. Each status can be selected from a pull down list and the manager then handles which overlay image to utilize.

Property photos can also be uploaded for each listing and the order in which they are displayed can be managed. This allows them to upload all the photos, but then choose which ones they wish to display today. (without the need to delete photos or have to re-upload them when they are required.)

To allow for fast and efficient property management numerous constant use settings are incorporated in drop down lists. All information that is available in the quick drop down lists can also be managed and changed as required. For suburb searching you can define which suburbs are to be included based on the suburb selected. For example you could configure numerous suburbs to a single region. This region (such as Gold Coast) is then displayed in the suburbs drop down list in the property search section.

To ensure efficient searching for the website viewers, only suburbs that contain an actual listing are included in the selection list and you can choose numerous suburbs.

Interactive slideshows allow all the properties to be displayed and from any slideshow you can click to go directly to that property.

The Agent Manager

The Key Features & Applications

  • Full Custom Package
  • 6 Page Layout
  • Custom Property Manager
  • Property Search (Buy and Sell)
  • Configuration Manager
  • Multiple Region Configuration
  • Custom Agents Manager
  • Photo Manager
  • Two Contact Forms
  • Three Interactive Slide shows
  • Website Hosting
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