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Website For SQAFCA South Queensland Amateur Fishing Clubs Association

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SQAFCA South Queensland Amateur Fishing Clubs Association Website

Developed in : Mar of 2011     Current Online Status : Active     Website Link :

The Company Profile

South Queensland Amateur Fishing Clubs' Association SQAFCA is an association of fishing clubs located around South East Queensland. If you have an interest in fishing and wish to join a club or enter fishing competitions then SQAFCA is the website you want to visit.

S.Q.A.F.C.A is made up of 27 fishing clubs from South East Queensland. This makes them the largest division in Queensland, with over 6000 members.

The Brief

A website that is clean, easy to use and reflects what the club is about.

It must allow them to update all their own content as required, such as Fish lengths and bag limits, Competition results, Club Calendar, Club Committee positions and information / news articles.

They also require the ability to implement and manage a business (traders) advertising system which incorporates expiration dates, plus have the ability to add news, information articles and photos for the gallery.

The latest addition to their website is the ability to manage and assign sponsors for each competition they conduct. When viewing the competition results, there should be sufficient ability for sponsors to include advertising.

The Design Details

This website required the development of several custom applications to allow them management of specific information:

  • Club Directory Manager with keyword search.

  • Latest Results Manager with sponsorship Manager.

  • Calendar to display all events for the year.

  • Fish Length and Bag Limits Manager.

  • Trade Directory (Add Manager) with keyword search and also automatically handles expiration dates.

  • Committee and Board Member Manager.

Another key feature is the ability for them to add articles which will dynamically appear in the Information Drop Down Menu. This allows important articles to be created that as time goes by would be relegated away from the first page in the News section. Using a dynamically updating menu means any news and/or information article can be included which means it stays "sticky" and will be available at any time, irrespective of when it was created, as all news articles are sorted by date created by default.

With each competition, there can be a sponsor. Our system allows a sponsor to be assigned plus also allow up to 10 advertising pictures to be uploaded and displayed in the banner on the competition results page. Additional sponsor logos are also placed at other key locations on the website. That way the sponsor can design advertising specific for each competition that they are involved with..

The results application processes the overall results and generates a breakdown of each section. That way people viewing the results can select to view just the section they are interested in.

The Key Features & Applications

  • Full Custom Package
  • 6 Page Menu Layout
  • 8 Custom Designed Applications
  • 1) Club Directory Manager
  • 2) Latest Results Manager
  • 3) Calendar
  • 4) Fish Length Manager
  • 5) Trade Directory
  • 6) Committee Manager
  • 7) Sponsor Manager
  • 8) Dynamically Updating Menu
  • Photo Gallery
  • News Bulletin Manager
  • News Article Searching
  • Website Search
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Name Management
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