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Website For Wild Horse Turf

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Wild Horse Turf Website

Created in : Mar of 2012     Current Online Status : Now Offline     Website Link : Not Available

The Company Profile

Wild Horse Turf grow and sell a variety of Turf for domestic and commercial ventures.

This website is now offline after being online for over 2 years as the company has decided to use a wordpress template layout now.

The Brief

The website should match their rebranding to ensure consistency with their printed material. All logos and colours should match as close as possible.

Banner / slideshows are to be incorporated onto the required pages so that additional pictures and information can be included without taking up too much space on the website. Each picture should be clickable where required to redirect to a more detailed page.

A Turf Calculator needs to be created to help people calculate the quantity of turf required

The Design Details

To develop a website to match their existing colours and logos. Numerous samples were generated and this was the one they selected.

Banners. We designed a banner / slideshow that can be incorporated into any page and be configured to any size for any page. This application can also allow an additional text description to accompany the picture (placed under the picture) and each picture can be clickable (made into a link) to redirect the viewer to a more detailed page where required.

The Banner application then goes one step further and allows additional content to be incorporated, such as You Tube videos or text information. This way you can group all the content together and display it on one section of the page. The banner can be paused and/or controlled manually if the viewer chooses.

A custom Turf Calculator was generated utilizing the most common area calculation shapes that you would typically find in a domestic situation. The calculator updates all the totals upon each key press and will filter what you enter to ensure only numbers utilized.

The Key Features & Applications

  • Custom Design Website
  • 6 Page Menu
  • Interactive Banner / Slideshow Application
  • Custom Turf Calculator Application
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