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Brisbane Antique Trail Website

Developed in : Mar of 2012     Current Online Status : Active     Website Link :

The Company Profile

Brisbane Antique Trail is a website dedicated to promoting the Antiques Industry with in Brisbane Queensland Australia.

Many Antique shops operate through the same areas and many specialize in specific items.

This website was to allow people easy access to where the antique stores are located and what sort of items they are likely to find.

The Brief

A website that can showcase each antique store by providing information about the company and a showcase / photo gallery for any pictures that each antique store wishes to display.

To provide the ability to add locations as required, and to display them on a map so website visitors can find each store easily.

The Antique Trail is to be setup so that it starts at Brisbane and meanders its way to the outer suburb of that region.

To support multiple regions, Brisbane North, Brisbane South and Brisbane City.

As each Antique Store employ the skill of many Trade Services, the website is to include a Trade Services / Advertising directory to help promote the list of companies they have associations with. Such things as antique furniture repairers, upholsterers etc.

To have the website dedicated to Graham See who unfortunately passed away in February of 2012 and who was a pioneer in the Antiques Industry in Queensland.

Requesting a Clean and refined layout that is easy to navigate and clear.

The Design Details

As the Antiques Trail covers numerous shops all catering for numerous aspects of antiques and items, a neutral but slightly elaborate layout was selected.

The design is using a Fixed Width layout to ensure clean and precise display of the Antique Trail Members and to allow easy navigation up and down the page.

The Antique Trail Members Manger application allows them to add or remove members at any time, plus indicate their location on the regional map. Each member can have numerous pictures uploaded with accompanying descriptions and has the facility to include a brief and extended description plus additional information such as address and open hours.

To help navigate up and down the Trail Members Page javascript is used that allows easy scrolling without having to drag or click on the web browser scroll bars. Using this system allows for accurate scroll quantity so that when you advance or rewind through the Trail Members Page the next member is displayed exactly where the last member was. That allows for quick and easy navigation without having to constantly reposition the mouse, so the whole trail can be scroll through with just a few clicks.

The Key Features & Applications

  • 4 Page Menu Layout
  • News Bulletin Manager
  • Trader / Advertising Manager
  • Custom Application for managing Antique Trail Members
  • Photo Galleries
  • Banner / Slideshow
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Name Management
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