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Website For Kangas Kindergarten and Childcare Centre

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Kangas Kindergarten and Childcare Centre Website

Created in : Dec of 2013     Current Online Status : Now Offline     Website Link : Not Available

The Company Profile

At Kangas Kindergarten and Child Care Centre we strive to ensure we are laying the foundation for children to evolve and develop in a family orientated child care service, and believe that the foundations laid will extend and enrich children's learning.

Kangas Kindy has now been sold and has been closed in 2018.

The Brief

To create a website that is bright, fun and using the company colours of Blue, Yellow and Pink.

To also include the Government logo and the National Quality Framework Rating information.

The requirement for the website pages to be updated offline.

The Design Details

The initial requirement was to draw the company logo, the Kangaroo and then integrate that into the design.

The Key Features & Applications

  • 6 Page layout
  • Logo Development
  • Photo Slideshows
  • Website Hosting
This was last updated on 8th of July 2018

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