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Crimson Mist Military Antiques Website

Developed in : Jun of 2019     Current Online Status : Active     Website Link :

The Company Profile

Crimson Mist Military Antiques located in Toowoomba Qld. Australia has been servicing collectors needs worldwide for many years.

Selling off a lifetime of collecting spanning over 40 years. I have collected Firearms, Edged weapons & Military Antiquities, with a special interest in Japanese swords.

The Brief

To Provide a website that was easy to navigate and search / sort almost 10,000 products with over 65,000 product photos. To look medieval.

Our software also offered additional benefit, such as being able to upload up to 5 product photos at a time and for the upload to be managed in the background. This radically increases efficiency when having to manage so many products and photos.

The Design Details

To provide a website that was adaptive and support any viewing device as much as possible.

The largest component was to develop a migration application that would allow us to import all the customers product data from their existing (article based) content management system into our more efficient Product Manager that is designed to manage products. This required just some of the following:

Manage an efficient way to migrate the almost 10,000 products from their existing CMS system into our more efficient Product Manager. In the old system their prices and product codes were included as part of the product description, so the migration application had to search and locate that data so it could be used in the correct fields.

To then go through the 65,000 images and link / assign them in a more effective way with each product (old system just dumped them all in a single directory!).

All Images were then automatically resized and optimized for the new website.

Product Categories and Sub Categories had to be automatically assigned and created.

The Key Features & Applications

  • Custom Website Design
  • Adaptive Layout
  • Adaptive Background
  • Custom Product Manager
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Page Manager
  • Banner Manager
  • Gallery Manager
  • Website Hosting
  • Custom Migration application
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