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Cameraholics Website

Developed in : May of 2021     Current Online Status : Active     Website Link :

The Company Profile

Cameraholics is a group for collectors of cameras and photographica based in Brisbane, Australia that was formed in late 1999 and is the first photographic collectors group (as opposed to camera users group) to be formed in Queensland thanks to the efforts of founding President Herb Parker.

Cameraholics is affiliated with the PSQ (Photographic Society of Queensland Inc).

The Brief

This club required a website so they could promote what they were about, but also they required a platform for which to conduct and manage all the tasks the club needs to perform.

Such as Camera Fair Management, invoicing, booking tables, managing expenses, membership renewals, sponsorship management and generating receipts.

Managing auctions, club sales, photos, archives and meeting schedules.

The Design Details

The approach was to create something clean and crisp, but still look old and weathered to represent the fact that the club is about collecting older style cameras, not brand new.

New programs were developed to auto manage meeting dates, so the home page always displays when the meetings are on, without a member having to keep them updated.

The ability to manage files and documents was also required so our Document Manager and FIle Managers have been integrated.

The Key Features & Applications

  • Custom Designed Website
  • Adaptive Layout Design
  • Content Management System
  • Invoicing System
  • Expenses Manager
  • Table Booking Manager
  • Club Sales / Auction Manager
  • Links Manager
  • Contact Form Manager
  • Document Manager
  • News / Article Manager
  • Drop Box / File Manager
  • Banner / Slide shows
  • Auto Updating Meeting Manager
  • SiteMap
  • Domain Name Management
  • Website Hosting
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