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If you already have a website but would like it updated or redesigned, then this is a good option to select as the basis for your quote. This covers the cost of designing a new layout.

A Layout consisting of a HTML (or PHP) based website with all the graphical elements (jpg, png, gif etc) optimized and enhanced, plus it also includes all the CSS (Content Style Sheet) formatting and any Javascript code in order for it to function as required.

There are a few additional considerations (options) that you should be aware of. We can design a website for you and we can also add your content for you, but in order to do that we need to know how much content and how you wish to display it.

If you have not had a website before then it would be advisable to have a look at our Introduction to Website Design Page.

If you are looking to have a website developed then you can use this as a basis for creating your own quote. Using the Add to Cart feature you can select this as the base, then you can go through the rest of our services and applications and add those to your cart as required. Our Cart allows you to create your own Quote.


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New Range of Features Now included
Now included by default is an Administration section where you can manage the content displayed on your pages, view the activity logs, backup your content and your files.

Page Editor
Our Unique Page Editor allows you to manage the content that is displayed on any of your pages that have been configured in the Page Editor. This provides you some unique abilities such as being able to display content for numerous pages or from any application on any page you wish. This is ideal as it allows you to include content on numerous pages, but only have to edit it at one location. You can also assign a password to any page if you want.

The unique save options available to you in this editor, allow you to create backups of existing content before or after you have started editing, plus you can save as draft. You can also save your page without navigating away from the page. This allows you to continue working without having to navigate back to the page in question.

Security Suite
We won't disclose all the details here for security reasons, but needless to say we have developed a range of application procedures to help protect your website from any malicious activity, be it from human visitors or from misbehaving robots.

Backup Application
The unique aspect of our Backup application is it allows you to backup or restore individual tables in your Database. You can also backup (to ZIP archive) all the files you have uploaded.

A range of other useful applications
These help you configure your website and monitor the activity.

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