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Are you starting a small business, or your small business is expanding, then you may be looking to operate your business from your website to help increase efficiency and allow your business to grow.

Some key questions to ask yourself would be:

  • Do you wish to display news articles?

  • Do you have other information you wish to display that includes a large range of photos (such as a Project)?

  • Do you wish to have an easy way to Manage News Articles, Files for download and Offsite Links?

If these are questions you are asking yourself, then one solution is to use our software. This streamlines all the above data you need to manage and will not only help increase efficiency but will also make your business look more professional. The other benefit is because the information about your products is stored in the one place, if you need to make changes to an article, then you only have to do it in one location. Any other page you wish to display that content will automatically show the latest changes.

So if you are looking for a one location solution to manage your data and operate your business, then a Bout Time Software custom design website maybe your answer.

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These are the Key / CORE applications included in this package. Each one of these applications will provide a different level of functionality. These are the applications included by default, however you do have the option of including other applications we have developed, at any time.

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This provides you the ability to generate articles. Each article includes a photo gallery as an overlay and can support attachments such as PDF or ZIP files if you wish to offer files for download from your article.

Articles can be set to have an expiration date, which is good if they are about specific events. You can assign articles to categories, which helps searching and sorting and groups articles of a similar topic together. You can have as many Categories as you wish. Included is a on screen search and sort that allows people to view articles that were published on any month for any year, plus they can search articles using keywords or they can view by Category.


You may have projects or specific topics that do not fit the label of News Article. Normally News articles are text based with supporting pictures. Our Portfolio Manager functions the opposite of that. It provides you with a large photo gallery layout, but unlike a standard photo gallery, this also provides the ability for you to include as much text as required to discuss the topic or the photos.

Each Portfolio offers password protection if you only want to make it available to specific people.

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The ability to manage files you wish to make available for download from your website. This allows you to upload numerous different types of files for the one file. For example you may have an image, such as your business logo that you want to make available for download. With this application you could upload a .pdf file, a .jpeg image a .png image and a .gif image all to the one record. That way a visitor can choose which format they wish to download. If you have numerous files or documents that you need to make available this application can manage them, plus it also allows management of the download itself. That way it can determine if the person cancelled the download or not.


RSS gives you the ability to share your articles easily. People can choose to subscribe to your RSS feed. This can help generate traffic to your website if people wish to read the full article. RSS by default only provides a summary of each article. People need to visit the actual authors website to view the full article.


This application is what you use to manage the content that is displayed on many of your website pages, such as your Home Page. With this application you can control everything that appears on the page. The one major benefit with this application is it integrates with many of the Manager applications that would be installed on your website, so you can show things such as Product Categories or Latest Products, or Latest Articles etc. All that information does not need to be managed by the Home Page. So if you go and add a new product using the Product Manager and your home page you have configured to display Latest 10 New Products then when you visit your home page now you will see the product you have just added to the Product Manager.

All our applications are designed so that you only have to manage the content at one location, but you can access it from any other location, or indeed display it on any other page. This is very beneficial for information such as Disclaimers or Privacy Statements or Contact Details. You just manage it on one page and then have it automatically displayed on numerous other pages.

Our Page Editor has a backup feature which allows you to work on Draft copies of a page before it goes Live, plus if you are editing a page now but want to save that but still keep a copy of the page before you started editing it you can. Our application will allow a page that is currently being edited to be backed up before the latest changes are saved. How cool is that. You can also assign a password to a page if you want. That way if you have content you only wish to show to customers or maybe members, then you can. They simply enter the password to see the content. Very simple but very effective and means people don't have to create accounts.

Maybe you don't like editing text online, but wish to work on the page content offline using a text editor. No Problem. Once you are happy with your text, login to the website select the page and then upload your text file then select use content from file and save. Now the content from your file will be displayed as that pages' content. This means that anytime you want to make changes to that page, simply upload and replace that file. Maybe you want to do a list such as a calendar or committee members. No problem. People often use spreadsheets to create such lists, simply save as .CSV and upload that file to the page in question and ask it to display as Custom List. (Does require that the custom list be define initially). That way you don't need to re-enter data that is constantly updated and maintained in spreadsheet, you can just export as CSV and then upload it.


  • Our Security Suite Software, to protect your website

  • Banner / Slideshow manager, to allow you to display images on your pages in a slideshow / non interactive gallery.

  • Link Manager, so you can share links to your suppliers or customers or other internet resources of interest if you wish.
A Starter Package that includes the required features if your content is primarily articles / news and information based. This is ideal for business's that wish to use their website to display articles or information.

A Summary of What is Includes:

= Page Editor
= News Manager
= File Manager
= Contact Form with Manager
= Link Manager
= RSS Manager
= Banner / Slideshow Manager
= Sitemap

= One Domain Name Registration for 1 year
= 12 months Hosting
  = 1GB of disk space
  = 1GB bandwidth per month

  = email account of your choice

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