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What are the requirements for having a website?

Everyone knows what a Web Site is, but I thought it worth mentioning some of the key issues associated with a Web Site.

Domain Name - A Domain Name helps identify your web site. A Domain Name has to be registered before it can be used. Anyone can register a Domain Name. There is no guarantee that the domain name you wish to use is available. The cost will vary depending on who you purchase through and what type you purchase. Usually a Domain Name ending in .COM is cheaper than one ending in .COM.AU. Once you have a Domain Name it has to be configured to point to the server where the web site files are stored. The Domain Name has to be renewed atleast each year and will usually cost the same as the purchase price.

Web Site Hosting - The files for your web site have to be stored somewhere on the internet so they can be accessed by anyone who types in your domain name in their web browser. You are charged either monthly or yearly for the Web Hosting.

There are many aspects to Web Site Hosting, but the main two I wish to mention now are Bandwidth and Disk Space.

  • Bandwidth is the volume of data being sent from your web site. Typically this is when someone is viewing one of your web pages that data is sent from the server that is hosting your web site, to the person viewing your web page. Each Account usually has a limit to how much traffic or bandwidth it is allowed to use each month. An average limit is 1 GigaByte per month. Every website we create is fully optimized to ensure it requires the least amount of bandwidth. This makes the pages not only load faster, but also reduces the amount of bandwidth required.

  • Disk Space is the amount of available space to store your web pages and files. The more pictures, products and information you store on your web site the more disk space will be required.

    For both of those reasons it is best to optimize your web pages and files, to ensure these are kept as low as possible, which also keeps your fees and charges low.

We can register a Domain Name for you (but we can't guarantee that the one you wish to use is available) and we can perform the Web Site Hosting for you aswell. You will be invoiced each year to cover these two costs.

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