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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I Can't Access my Website Anymore. Why Not?

There are many reasons why you may no be able to access a specific website, so we'll endeavor to list the primary reasons now:

The Website is offline for Maintenance

Periodically websites can be offline due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. As computers (servers) on the internet are running 24 hours, 7 days a week, they will inevitably require rebooting from time to time. So just wait a few minutes and try again. Other server disruptions could be if the company is performing upgrades to their network or there has been equipment failure. Check with us and we can confirm with the server company as to cause and the expected time of completion.

The Website is offline Due to Unpaid Bills

If you Manage your own Domain Name and / or have purchased your own Website Hosting Account, then make sure either of those have not expired. Quite often those renewal notices and invoices are sent via email, so if you have not checked for email, or if you have changed email address's without notifying these companies, then the renewal notices could have gone astray. Once your domain name has reached its expiry date, your website will go offline immediately.

If your Website Hosting Account is overdue the company will attempt to contact you for an additional month before suspending your account.

If your Website Hosting is through us we will continue to try and contact you via email and via post, then finally via phone. If we do not receive any answer or reply for an additional 2 months then we will suspend your account until contact can be re-established and any outstanding invoices have been paid.

Your ISP is blocking the server

Unfortunately there are instances where your ISP can simply block access to certain servers. If this is the case you can check to see if the website is down (currently unavailable) for everyone or just you. go to this website and type in the web address you are trying to reach Down for Everyone or Just Me. This website will then attempt to contact that website and will inform you if they could access it or not. If they can then the issue is related to your computer or your ISP. If they can not then see the above mentioned points for possible reasons why.

Your IP is being blocked or is included on a Blacklist

This is without a doubt the most annoying possibility because it often relates to things totally out of your control. If for whatever reason a server deems that your IP is a threat then it will deny access. A threat is usually associated with a server that has been identified as sending Spam email. Once your IP has been identified like this it is added to what is called a blacklist. Many servers use blacklists to deny access to them. If your IP is on a blacklist then you will have to either wait until the black list clears, or contact your ISP and alert them to the fact that their IP (which you are paying them to use) has been included on a black list and get them to take action. Unfortunately companies like 3Mobile simply don't take any action, even though they are constantly included on many black lists, so if you are with 3Mobile ... Good Luck...

What you can do to check before contacting us?

From our Links Page we have some utilities that you can use to check the status of a website and the status of your IP, to see if it is on a black list.

First check to see if the web page is actually still available. So go to Down for Everyone or Just Me and see what it reports.

Then check to see if your IP is included on a Blacklist. So go to What is My Ip Address - Blacklist Check.

You can also do some additional checking from this website MX Toolbox - Blacklist check.

If it is due to blacklisting, then contact your ISP and inform them of this and also provide them the links you use to identify this problem.

Contact us and we can check if we have access to your website, however the first things we would do are those that have just been listed above.

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