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Can you explain the Maintenance Option?

When you purchase a web site design, inevitably you will require changes to be made, such as you may change some of your product details, or you may wish to add new products and remove old products. Your contact details may change if you re-locate to a larger building etc.

So instead of burdening you with having to try and do the changes yourself, we can do them for you. Now charging for every single change does not seem very reasonable, so to resolve this, we simply charge a fixed fee for the duration of the calendar month. This means you can make just one change, or as many as you like for the same price.

Some customers prefer not to receive an invoice each month, so depending on the Package they selected, they can choose, at any time, to purchase additional monthly maintenance contracts in advance.

Important. Maintenance covers the changes to any web pages that currently EXIST. For example you may wish to have products added, removed or edited (such as updated prices) on an existing page. However if you require new products to be added to NEW pages, the creation of new pages is *NOT* covered under the monthly Maintenance option. Check the packages web page where you will see what the cost is for each additional page to be created.

The reason new pages have to be treated different is because each new page will also require changes to be made to the menus (where applicable) and to the website search engine. If you request multiple pages at the one time it will work out slightly cheaper for you.

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