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Adding Content - What does Hard Coded Mean

When you need to include content on your website, that information has to be added to a page then displayed on your website. There are two methods of how than can be achieved.

HARD CODED, means that the content is added directly to the page (using a text editor) and then saved as a file. This file is then uploaded to the website. Each new page has to be manually linked (incorporated into the website), so that your visitors (and search engines) can find it. Therefore your Menu, Sitemap and Website Search have to be manually updated. This all takes additional time.

If this method is right for you, will be determined by your priorities, so to help in your deliberations here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of this concept.


* Each Page that is created would be made by us
This means that every page will be consistent (same font / colours / size and layout). All you need to do is send us (via email or using our Client Manager Application) the content you wish to have added and where you want that new page to appear.
* No Additional Overhead
As there are no databases involved, your website will load quickly and be supported by any website server.
* Cheaper to Create. For small to Moderate sized websites (initially)
When a website is to be created, the number of pages that are required, directly impacts on the development cost. As Hard Coded pages require no additional applications (such as our Product Manager), then the cost of the website will be cheaper.


* The More Pages you require, the dearer it becomes
For website with only a small number of pages, choosing a Hard Coded design makes sense, however if you envisage plans of expanding your website to incorporate a multitude of products or services, then the cost of adding all those pages will eventually cost more than if you were to choose our Product Manager and use Dynamically Generated pages instead.
* Hard Coded pages can not interact with any other applications
A Major disadvantage is that the hardcoded pages can't interact with other applications. For example our Product Manager allows dynamically generated pages to be saved as PDF files. This allows easy creating of product brochures. Our Product Manager also allows generation of Price Lists and Stock Reports. We also have a Catalogue Manager so that you can generate your own A3 or A4 / Single Side or Double Sided Catalogues. NONE of this is possible with Hard Coded pages.
* Harder to Search and to Integrate with your Menu.
Each page that is created is not known by the website. So the menu has to be manually upgraded, as does the website search and sitemap applications to ensure they know about every page. It is also a little more difficult for applications like Website Search to search the pages completely. Our Website Search application can search Hardcoded and Dynamically Generated pages, however it is more efficient searching Dynamically Generated pages.

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