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Adding Content - What does Dynamically Generated Mean

When you need to include content on your website, that information has to be added to a page then displayed on your website. There are two methods of how than can be achieved.

DYNAMICALLY GENERATED, means that the content is saved to a database and then is recalled as required. This data recollection could be for including in a Catalogue, or in a Pricelist, or to be displayed on the website. Dynamically Generated pages are much easier to edit and maintain and they integrate better with all other website applications.

To create a new product page for your website, you would logon to your Administration section. There you select our Product Manager. In our Product Manager you can choose to add or edit an existing product (page / record). To create a new one you just click on Add New, and then enter the information for that page in the relevant fields (sections of the form). Click on Save and bingo that page is now available for viewing on your website.

If this method is right for you, will be determined by your priorities, so to help in your deliberations here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of this method:


* Using your Admin Section, you have the ability to manage and maintain each page
Using our Product Manager you can change any of the information displayed for any product at anytime. That could be something simple like updating stock availability, change prices or adding new pictures / specifications or features. You can choose what pages are displayed on the website or you can make them temporarily unavailable. There is a wealth of features and options available for you with our Product Manager.
* Each new page (database record) you create is active immediately
When you create a new product page, the rest of the website knows about this new product straight away. There is no need for the menu, the website search or the sitemap to be updated. All those three applications operate dynamically themselves. They are all generated in real time, so anything that you change, they know about without any further intervention by yourself or by us. This makes managing the content much more efficient.
* Cheaper for future additions and updates
The initial cost of having to purchase our Product Manager can be a little steep, but that cost is easily balanced as you start adding more and more content to your website, because each new page you need created is cheaper to do so.
* Dynamically Generated pages can interact with any other applications
A Major advantage, as was briefly mentioned above is that every dynamically generated page can interact with any other application the instant it is created. For example our Product Manager allows dynamically generated pages to be saved as PDF files. This allows easy creating of product brochures. Our Product Manager also allows generation of Price Lists and Stock Reports. We also have a Catalogue Manager so that you can generate your own A3 or A4 / Single Side or Double Sided Catalogues. Our Product Search feature allows for specific product searching, our website search provides general web page searching and finally our sitemap provides a complete overview of every page that is available on your website. All of those applications are designed to work perfectly with every dynamically generated page that you create.


* Some Additional Overhead
We try and ensure that all our applications are optimizes as much as possible to ensure fast and efficient websites, however there is still the need to access a database in order for the page to be dynamically generated. This overhead is minimal, however it is still there (even if it is not evident) and as such is mentioned here as a slight disadvantage. It also requires that the website have constant access to the SQL database server and therefore maybe influenced by maintenance or excessive load .
* Initially higher cost
For website with only a small number of pages, choosing to purchase our Product Manager will results in higher costs initially, however the benefits and features that our Product Manager can offer you we feel easily makes up for it.

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