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Transferring your website to another Host Provider.

There are a few different scenarios that may be in effect here. First if we are managing your Domain Name for you, or we registered your Domain Name on your behalf, then there are three options:
  1. We can continue to manage the Domain Name for you, and make the relevant DNS updates for your new Host Provider.
  2. We can provide you with your account logon details so that you can manage your own Domain Name.
  3. You can transfer your Domain Name to a Registrar of your choosing and Manage your own Domain Name
The next issue is the website hosting. You will need your current website files uploaded to the new server and you will need that server to be configured. This configuration usually involves setting up your SQL databases, configuring Email accounts and any other general settings. There are once again a few options available that you will need to consider:
  1. We can upload / transfer your website from our server to your new website host server and configure your new website hosting account.
  2. We can provide you with FTP login details and you can perform your own file transfer and configuration.
  3. If you have chosen to use another website management company they can perform the changes for you.
Even if we are no longer your Website Host Provider we are still prepared to perform any website updates that you require.

You will be invoices for any fees associated with your website hosting or domain name that are currently outstanding.

If you have paid in advance for your website hosting, then any months remaining will be refunded. For example if you have purchased 12 months in advance and you are currently in the second month, then the remaining 10 months will be refunded.

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