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Do you wish to transfer your Website to Us?

If you have a website that is currently being hosted somewhere else and you wish to transfer the hosting to us, there are a few things you must be made aware of:

1) What Software does your Website Rely upon

Many websites are "made" using other programs or rely upon other software to be installed on the server, such as Joomla, Word Press, DotNetNuke, ZenCart etc. We will have to evaluate if this software can be installed on our server and exactly how much space and bandwidth it requires. This will determine how much you have to pay for website hosting with us.


In order to successfully transfer your website to our server we will need access to your website. We need access to your Control Panel and FTP. This will allow us to take a copy of all the files for your website, and check all your current settings to ensure they are configured the same on our server.


Make sure you have all the information relating to your Domain Name. We will need access to your Domain Name in order to manage it (update its settings so that it knows where your website is located). Alternatively you can choose to manage your own Domain Name. If you wish us to do it we will need the following:
  1. Where is it registered
  2. Login Name
  3. Login Password
Without these three pieces of information we CAN NOT HOST YOUR WEBSITE.

Once those major key points (especially point 1) have been addressed we will be able to tell you if we can host your website, how much it will cost and any complications that maybe evident.

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