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Tutorial : Cropping and Resizing a Picture in Microsoft Paint

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Tutorial Description
For most of the applications we have developed for you to use on your website, there is the ability to upload pictures, however the issue always remains if the picture you wish to upload is not in the correct aspect ratio that the application would recommend.

Simply put, this is the ratio of the pictures width to the pictures height. To find the aspect ratio you simply divide the width by the height. For example our Trader / Advertising Manager requires images to be 300 pixels wide x 180 pixels high. So 300 / 180 = 1.66667 (this is 5:3 which means for every 5 pixels of width, there are 3 pixels of height). An Example. (300 / 5) * 3 = 180, and (180 * 3) / 5 = 300 and 5 / 3 = 1.6667

Our Image Manager will resize the image the best it can, but to ensure your pictures look correct (not stretched or squashed) it will retain the original aspect ratio. This means that your picture may not use the full space available when being viewed. We suggest that you take a few minutes to understand just how important the Aspect Ratio is and ensure that all pictures you upload are in the optimum Aspect Ratio.

This tutorial will demonstrate taking a scan of a business card for use with your Trader / Advertising Manager. Therefore we need the image to be in 5:3 aspect ratio. (1.6667 : 1).

This Tutorial was last Updated on Friday, 14th of October 2011

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