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Bout Time Software - Our Range of Applications and Services
Providing : Custom Website Design & Custom PHP Application Development.

Our Range of Applications and Services

Here you can browse some of the applications we have developed and the services we offer.

Sample Website Designs we've Created
A crucial part of any website is the Design. The Design is the foundation for a website as it defines the layout and structure of each page. Two other important aspects that are controlled by the design: The visual appeal and The ease of use.

We do not sell templates, so this ensures that your website can look and function exactly to your specifications. The limitation of the design is only that of your imagination. It can be as graphical as you like. The only service we do not offer is a full Shockwave based website. The limitations imposed by shockwave we feel easily outweight the visual benefit. These limitations can be explained upon enquiry.

We have developed a range of programs that can be installed on any website that we develop. To help make things a little easier for you we have grouped some of those programs into packages that are designed not only as examples but to help group programs designed to manage specific type of similar data. All these packages can be expanded on and/or we can add or remove any of these programs if you wish to request a quote from us.

To make it easier we have a quick summary display at the top of each package page. That way you can do a quick comparison between each package to see what is included with each one. Of course you can contact us and we can create a custom package for you, based on whatever data and information you need to manage and display on your website.

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Standard Website Package. Click for more information...
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Standard Website Package
A Standard Website Package designed to allow a business to promote their services and themselves. Allows you to manage the content and photos displayed on each page
Business Management Package. Click for more information...
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Business Management Package
This package is designed for a business that wishes to have their website manage most of their operation, such as Products and Stock Control, Quotes / Invoices / Expenses / Documents and Files.
Information Management Package. Click for more information...
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Information Management Package
A Package designed for a business that need to manage Documents, News Articles and information online.
Product Management Package. Click for more information...
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Product Management Package
A Product Management Package that includes the required features if your content is primarily product based.
Compare Packages. Click for more information...
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Compare Packages
Quick Overview to compare package features.

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