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As an example for calculating distances between suburbs here is a sample application


With online ordering, a main concern is always what cost is involved in delivering the order to the customer. Our Freight Manager integrates with the shopping cart and will allow the customer to enter their postcode and then select their suburb. The distance to this suburb is then calculated and knowing the total weight of their order a price can be displayed. The customer simply adds the freight item to their cart and then proceeds to checkout (billing section.)

For the website operator the Freight Manager allows you to configure numerous regions, with each region having up to 10 weight categories. A region is classified as a distance from your office.

Having the ability to create numerous regions, all you need to do is obtain prices from your freight/courier company based on distance and weight of package.


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There are currently 10 weight categories that you can define. Each weight category is utilized as an "UP TO" value. so if the first weight category defined is 5KG, then it will be used for any order that is from 0KG to 5KG.


A region is classified as a fixed distance from your office. Each region will allow you to configure a price for each weight category.

Operating this way means you can configure a price to transport a certain weight a certain distance.

When the customer proceeds to checkout, they enter their postcode. The Freight Manager now calculates the distance from your suburb to that of the customer. Once this distance is identified it uses the gross weight of the order and provides a quote.

The Freight Manager will also provide generic options aswell, such as Customer Pickup, or Phone for Quote Confirmation, incase the customer has difficulty in using the Freight Quote feature, or if where they live (distance or gross weight) has not been configured by you.

Currently the Freight manager requires the Product Manager in order to operate efficiently because the Product Manager contains all the dimensions about each product.

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