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Return Authority Manager

For keeping track of items that are returned for repair or replacement.


It is inevitable that any company who sells products will eventually have items returned for repair or replacement.

Our Return Authority (RA) Manager will help you keep track of these items. It can generate a PDF report which you can print for the customer, and another one which you can print for attachment to the item and sending to the supplier.

Another important aspect is keeping track, not just of the product, but all communication with the customer or the supplier relating to each RA.


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  • Generate a report for the customer or supplier. You can choose to generate either the customer or supplier pdf file. These pdf files could then be emailed or printed. The customer report contains all the information they have supplied. The supplier report includes all the information they would require to ensure a fast and efficient warranty claim.
  • Track how many days each stage is taking. Keeping track of how long it is taking each RA to be processed can be important in identifying where efficiency can be increased. Four key areas can be tracked, These are:

    RECEIVED - Identifies how many days it has taken the customer to return the item (from when they requested an RA number).

    To SUPPLIER - Is when you dispatched the item to the supplier.

    From SUPPLIER - When the supplier returned the item.

    Completed - When the item was returned to the customer.

    Each one of these entries can be updated with a simple click of the mouse to add todays date.

  • Contact with the Customer or Supplier also need to be tracked, to ensure anyone can view each RA and see the latest information. This application allows you to enter notes about each conversation you have had with the customer or the supplier, and you can with a mouse click add todays date.
  • Searching and Sorting allows you to identify any specific RA that has been generated, or if a product (or serial number) is associated with any record.

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