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Displaying Information Topics Easily on your website.

If you have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Information Topics or General Help information that you wish to display on your website then our Information Manager is just what you need.

The Information Manager allows you to assign topics to categories, so that topics containing similar information are all grouped together. This will make it much easier for your website visitors to see all relevant information available for that category. You could for example create categories such as, Ordering Help, How To's, Product Assistance, etc. That way people looking for specific help in one of those key areas can go directly to that category.


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One thing that makes our FAQ / Info section different to other websites that incorporate a similar feature, is that we do not use expanding questions. Most people find these annoying to use so our system is much more intuitive and you can view all questions / topics in the selected category but only one answer at a time. So what are "expanding questions"? Well this is when you are presented with a list of questions / topics and when you click on one the answer expands below that question, which pushes all other topics below it, down. This not only makes the page much longer but it also requires you to close (shrink) each question to help reduce the amount of scrolling required, so you can get down to the next question.

With our system you click on a Category to be shown all the questions / topics it includes. You then click on a question / topic to be shown the answer / information. When you click on another topic the previous answer is automatically replaced with that for the newly selected topic. The same for the Category, when you select a new category the list of topics / questions is updated. You never have to close or shrink a section.

It can also integrate with other webpages you have. For example you can include a link on another page that when clicked will take that website viewer directly to a specific topic answer. This is ideal for helping direct people from other pages to a specific topic. Also great for including in emails where you need to draw someones attention to a specific topic. Here is an example of a direct link to the What Content Management System Do We Use? Question / Topic.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Allows Questions or Topics to be assigned to categories.
  • You can at any time add / edit / delete or temporarily deactivate any entry.
  • Automatically closes the previously selected Category or Topic when you select a new one.
  • Once the Information Page has been loaded, no further loading is required. This means you can navigate to any category or topic instantly.
  • Quick ability to show any Topic Information. This allows you to include links on any other web pages that will direct someone instantly to the required topic / answer.
The Information Manager is installed on our website and we have a few categories and topics available for you to read and to show you how it operates. You can visit it from click on QUESTIONS from our menu.

As usual all applications developed by Bout Time Software can be configured to your exact specifications.

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