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If most of your products and/or services are displayed on your website, then it seems logical to utilize that information for generating quotes, invoices or receipts.

This is ideal for small business's that wish to be able to generate quotes quickly and easily, and using this system you can easily select which products you wish to include on a quote, without having to type in any descriptions or prices.

Now there are many applications that can be used to generate quotes, but majority of these require that you enter all your products into their system. This results in additional workload as you have to update each application individually and that can also lead to typing mistakes. What our system does is utilize the one single database of all your products or services. That way when you update the information for the website products or add new products to the website, that new information and those new products are instantly available for use in generating quotes and invoices.

This application requires our Product Manager in order to support adding products automatically.

It also requires our Dealer Manager in order to auto fill in customer details.


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What is the one thing small business's find the most frustrating? Paper work. So why not try and reduce that workload by using a Quoting and Invoicing system which helps you. Our system is designed to be as user friendly as possible and require that you perform the least amount of typing as possible in order to generate Quotes or convert existing quotes to invoices.

Our Quote / Invoice Manager Makes tasks easier because of these key points:

  • Supports Pay On Time Discounts. *New Feature* Allows you to provide a pay on time discount if you wish. It can be configured for each individual invoice.

  • Generate Proposals for more professional Quoting. *New Feature* A quote by itself may not always be that appealing. Our application allows you to generate a multi page Proposal to help showcase and promote the features or services that you offer, before the quote.

  • It integrates with our Product Manager providing you quick and easy access to all your products and prices to make it effortless to add products to your Quotes and Invoices. You can use the Quick Product Select feature, or the Advanced Product Select feature which will also allow you to select the price you wish to use (from any of the 6 price levels our Product Manager supports). This provides you an easy method for handling Retail, Wholesale or Dealer Quotes and Invoices.

  • It allows Stock Level Control. By integrating with our Product Manager, each time you generate an invoice it can automatically adjust stock levels in the Product Manager, which will provide updates in real time to your stock level status on your website (if you choose to display that information).

  • It integrates with our Online Cart and Purchase Order Request Form. When someone submits a Quote Request or a Purchase Order Request, those submissions are handled by their own application, however from that application you can automatically have any of those submissions transferred directly to this Quote / Invoice Manager. Saving you plenty of time by not having to retype that information and also saving you from any potential typing mistakes or omissions.

  • It integrates with our Contact Form Manager, so if you wish to generate a Quote for someone that has contacted you via your Contact us Form, our Quote/Invoice Manager will allow you to select that person and have all the details they entered (name, phone, address, email etc), automatically inserted into the Quote. Saving you from having to retype in their information and from the potential to make any typing mistakes in doing so.

  • It integrates with our Accounts Manager, which allows you to select any customer account that you have configured. So for generating Quotes or Invoices for repeat customers, this will saving you from having to retype in their details each time. You can just select them from a drop down list.

  • Allows you to duplicate any existing Quote or Invoice. Having this feature makes it much more efficient if you need to generate numerous invoices or quotes that are very similar. This feature also allows you to easily duplicate a Quote and convert it to an Invoice.

  • All Quotes and Invoices are automatically generated as PDF files, allowing you to easily send them as an email attachment, or for printing.

  • You have the option of including pictures in the generated PDF.. This is ideal if you are providing a Quote as you can then attach picture examples as additional pages in the PDF, or you could provide mock up pictures relating to the work detailed in the Quote. Other benefits for this is if you wish to include a picture of the item being purchased (such as artwork, or carvings). If you conduct repairs on items, then you can include a photo showing the condition of the item, or a close up of the damage that needed repairing. The benefits and uses for this feature are vast. To use this all you do is simply upload your pictures using our Quote Invoice Manager and it will auto resize and scale each picture onto its own page in the PDF document.

  • Includes the ability to generate Final Notices. It will be inevitable that some customers just will not pay on time. Our application will allow you to generate a Final Notice PDF for any invoice that is currently outstanding.

  • Easy management of GST. All you need to do is enter the sale price and click the checkbox if this item is subject to GST or not. This application will then determine what the GST value is.

For a more detailed look at some of these key features, click on the DETAILS Tab.

Ease of Use

Each product is assigned to one line on the quote/invoice. You can quickly clear a product by just double mouse clicking on the line. Now if you wish to add a different product in its place, you just select that product from the drop down list and it will be inserted into the first available blank line. This makes changing products very easy. Now if you simply wish to remove that product, this would leave a blank line, however when you save, that will be detected and all the products will now be shuffled up, so if you were to edit that record now you would see no blank lines.
Each product that you choose to include in the Quote or Invoice can be edited. You can change the description, quantity and price as you would expect. You can however also choose if GST is applicable to that product or not. This allows you to override any default GST setting that may be applied to that product.

Identifying Invoice Payment Status.

Each Invoice is clearly highlighted as Unpaid, Paid, Outstanding or Overdue. This is automatically based on the current date vs the due date and taking into account any amount that has been paid.

You can however, manually assign a status if you wish to override the automatic status feature. This can be managed individually for each invoice. Ideal if you wish to create an invoice and mark it as overdue straight away without having to configure a due date.

Each Invoice allows you to enter the Current Date, a Due Date and a Paid Date. Plus it allows you to enter the Amount Paid aswell. This is ideal if a customer chooses to pay by installments. You can simply adjust the Amount Paid each time a payment is received. The Invoice displays at the bottom the Total GST, the Total amount of the Invoice and the Amount still Owing.

This is Not an Accounting Package

You may think, why is this being mentioned, surely that is not a benefit to list? Well the main point with our applications is usability. All accounting programs are very inflexible and that always causes frustration if you're trying to do something, such as being able to delete an invoice if you have accidentally created a duplicate record. Our software is designed to be more user friendly and therefore allows you to do things other programs restrict you from doing. Our application does not pretend to be an Accounting program, however we feel it is far more functional for generating quotes and invoices. If you need balance sheets or profit / loss reports, then by all means use an Accounting program, but if you want a fast and easy program for generating quotes and invoices then look no further.

Add products to a Quote or Invoice Easily

Our Quoting / Invoicing Manager integrates with our Product Manager and from within any Quote or Invoice you can select a Category then Sub Category and you will receive a list of all products currently assigned in a drop down selection list. You can then click on any product to add it to the current Quote or Invoice. This allows for very efficient locating and adding products. There is also an Advanced Product Selection option which opens up in a new window. From this Advanced screen you can select from any one of the 6 price levels our Product Manager offers, that you wish to use for the product you have selected to include in your Quote or Invoice. This makes creating Quotes or Invoices for Retail / Wholesale or Dealer much more efficient.

Manage Stock Levels

Each time you generate an invoice, you can have the Quote / Invoice Manager automatically update the stock levels of each product included in the Invoice. That way it will ensure that your online stock display (for each product) is updated in real time and remains accurate. If you edit an existing Invoice and change any quantities, those changes will be identified and stock levels will be updated accordingly. Also if you delete an invoice then the quantities for each product from that invoice will be returned to stock.

Integration with our Online Cart

Our Product Manager offers an Online Cart. This cart is different to a standard shopping cart. For starters it can be configured to allow your customers to submit a Quote Request or a Purchase Order Request. These requests, once received are managed by their own application, however from that application you can transfer any record to our Quote / Invoice Manager. This allows you to ensure all your invoices and quotes are handled by the one application which will help keep all reports accurate and allow you to better manage each request received.

Easily Select Customers

You can also choose to add your customer details to the Accounts Manager. That way when you go to generate a new quote or invoice for an existing customer you can simply select their name from the drop down list and all their details will be inserted into the quote automatically.

If you wish to generate a Quote or Invoice for any person that has contacted you via your Contact Form, you can. You can just select them from the same Drop Down list to have all the details they entered (name, phone, address, email etc) automatically inserted into your Quote or Invoice. This saves you from unnecessary typing and any potential typing mistakes or omissions that could be as a result.

Seamlessly convert a Quote to an Invoice

It is inevitable that when you generate quotes, some (hopefully all) of those will be converted to orders which require an invoice be generated. With our system you can quickly duplicate an existing quote and convert it to an invoice. This not only saves a large amount of time, but it also ensures no errors can occur. Once a customer confirms a quote and/or provides a purchase order, you can convert that quote directly to an invoice. This means you have not had to manually generate the invoice, or re-type any customer or product information, which will drastically reduce the potential for typing mistakes, errors or any omissions.

Assign Status to each Quote

To help keep track of your activities, you can assign different status levels to each quote. This is ideal for ensuring that you know which quotes have been Accepted, Rejected or Canceled. So when you review the quotes you have generated, you can see which customers have not responded, and which have, helping you identify those that you need to follow up.

You can also assign a Sent Status, so you can keep track of how you sent the quote to this customer, such as Emailed, Faxed, Posted etc. This is beneficial if the customer requests that you resend it for whatever reason, or so you can track how quickly it would have been received.

This application does not send the quotes directly to the customer if you select email. This status is just so you can keep track of the delivery method you choose. It is important to still create the emails to the customers yourself and attach the PDF quote manually. The personal touch is always the best.

Create PDF Quotes, Invoices and Final Notices

You can create a PDF copy of the quote or invoice at anytime and the layout and stationary used for PDF can be of any design you require.

Final Notice PDF can also be generated for any Invoice that is currently outstanding.

Our System uses a JPEG layout for Quotes and Invoices. This makes it easy if you wish to change the layout or if you need to update your stationary. We can replicate your stationary or you can have us design something different. Have a look at the samples available from the Download tab.

Searching / Sorting

Quick and easy method of searching or sorting all the quotes / invoices you have generated. You can perform any of the following using the quick access menu:
  • Search by typing in keywords, you can also specify words to exclude from the search aswell
  • Display only Quotes or Invoices
  • Display all, or only those currently unpaid
  • Select from a range of criteria, how you wish the list to be sorted
  • If you have numerous entries, you can select to go directly to a specific page


Each business is different or may have different products and therefore has different requirements. We can adapt our Quote / Invoice Manager to function exactly as you require.

For example you may require:

  • Extended product information (such as dimensions) or descriptions (such as information or list of key features)
  • Additional display options. Maybe you would like a small picture sample to be displayed along side each item
  • Prescription form attachments. If products have numerous options to select, a script form can be attached as additional pages.
  • Unique management or report generation
  • Multiple page quotes or invoices
Depending on the complexity of the adaptation required, that may incur an additional development fee. Please contact us for a no obligation free quote.

New Optional Features

Pay On Time Discount

This seems to be a common option these days with services, so our Quote Invoice Manager now provides that option as well. When you generate an Invoice you can choose what Pay On Time Discount method you wish to apply to that invoice. It can be configured uniquely for each invoice you generate making it very flexible. Here are your options.

Percentage Discount
This is what you normally see, so if you want to offer say 10% discount then you simply enter 10% in the POTD section when creating the invoice.

Fixed Dollar Discount
You choose to enter a fixed dollar amount discount, so if you want to offer $10 discount, then you simply enter 10 in the POTD section when creating the invoice.

Fixed Invoice Total
Your last option is even more radical, you may want to offer a fixed price total. So if the invoice total was $280 and you want them to pay $125 if they pay on time and don't want to work out the percentage or the dollar amount difference, then you simply enter $125 in the POTD section when creating that invoice and it will work out the rest for you.

No matter what option you choose the program will automatically adjust the total and display the Pay On Time Discount section at the bottom of the invoice as the amount due.

Create Proposals instead of single page Quotes

If you are generating a quote which is for a tender, or you want to provide additional information about the products or services that you offer, then this new feature of our program will be of benefit.

The concept behind this is it gives you the ability to create pages of content which can showcase and explain in further detail what you can do or offer. These pages can then be selected and appear before the quote in the PDF that is generated by our application. This will have numerous benefits in that your customers can read more about you, your services or your procedures. It is totally up to you as to what you want to include.

The added benefit is once you create these pages, you can quickly select any of them to be assigned to any quote you create in the future. That way you don't have to re-generate all that information each time you need to generate a Proposal, simply select which pages you wish to include and save.

The only real challenge you will face is designing and creating those pages initially, so you will need some skills either in a photo editor like photoshop, or have it created professionally. The key point is though once you have it created professionally and properly then you can use it for all quotes (or invoices) that you create.

Here you will find a list of any files that you can download relating to this product. Simply click on the Picture Icon to download. The download will start from a popup window, so please allow popups.

An example from Arcadia Turf of a one page Invoice. Stationery (artwork) created by us aswell.
Filesize : 260 KB   Date : 29 Aug 2011 23:05
An example of a multi page Quote from Austech Medical. Here this quote has a product prescription form attached aswell. The application created for them can generate a single or multi page document.
Filesize : 53 KB   Date : 29 Aug 2011 23:05

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